The proposal refers to the partnership of 4 Companies and 2 Research Institutions whose ultimate goal is to combine the experiences and knowledge in providing research for the collection and analysis of data and information related to the aquatic environment. The research project of the partnership refers to industrial research actions for the protection of the marine environment, aims to develop sustainable and economic solutions to the problem of monitoring the aquatic environment and is fully aligned with the needs of the blue economy for sustainable and sustainable development.

Until now, the conventional methods of monitoring, recording and collecting data using specially equipped oceanographic vessels or coastal shipping vessels, with diving expeditions, sampling, or static measurement stations are limited and present significant shortcomings, such as their inability to operate in extreme weather conditions and mainly their extremely high manning and maintenance costs. The present research project focuses on the solution of this problem, which has as its object the development of an integrated unmanned floating system with significant technological innovations and the ultimate goal of finding reliable and economically viable alternative methods to the problem of collecting reliable, fast, easily accessible data concerning in the aquatic environment.development.

The system has custom “intelligent systems” of data logging and reading, based on the combined use of sensors and ground control systems which enable its remote operation and management. The system presents notable innovations in the following points: a) the possibility of on-board – real time data processing / analysis, b) the energy autonomous and environmentally friendly platform (vessel) entirely made of the most modern aeronautical materials, c) the development of advanced technology sensors, specially designed for the aquatic environment (photogrammetric and radiometric mapping of the seabed, as well as its connection with pollutant sensors, indicators and inertial system) and d) the information management software, which is also the great innovation of system, as for the first time it interpolates and captures spatially and not pointwise as is done until now the environmental variables recorded by its sensors, thus making possible the management of data from Geographical Information Systems (GIS) by local or remote users.

This research project is using “smart” unmanned floating systems, which aim to develop new methods of monitoring, recording, collecting and analyzing data from the aquatic environment, with main advantages:
1) the reduction of costs – avoiding the purchase or lease of equipment for large conventional vessels to accomplish a specific mission, development of a network of fixed measuring stations or better and more efficient utilization of existing ones,
2) the rational allocation of resources and utilization of human resources with a reduction in risk in recording (use of divers, etc.), c) the possibility of Real time monitoring,
3) ensuring “interdisciplinary” and immediacy in interfacing bodies – Academic / Research bodies and Private sector.

– Providing comprehensive quality services at all stages from collection – recording as well as processing and sending customized information related to the aquatic environment to a variety of users – researchers – institutions around the world.
– creation of synergies and value chains at each stage of the business operation of each user.
– Creating added value and gaining a competitive advantage.
– Development of innovative smart and fully customizable services in the demanding market of USV unmanned vessels.
– Promotion and internationalization of products and services.