Full Support Service


With ‘full support’, we take complete responsibility for our customer’s overall IT requirements, managing day-to-day IT services, providing long-term advice regarding IT-related business issues, and delivering exceptional value.

How do we do it? These are just some of the features that we believe makes our service unparalleled:

  • Superior time-to-fix, our unique systems expedite problem resolution
  • Proactive management preventing issues before they affect you
  • Focus on customer-satisfaction not just technology
  • Transparent online reports on every aspect of our service-delivery
  • Highly trained staff not just in technology, but also in customer services
  • Flexible service offering tailored exactly to your business needs
  • Competitively priced with real-time reports demonstrating where and how we deliver value
  • And a range of complementary services and expert partners to meet all the demands of dynamic businesses

Fible is passionate about enabling customers to focus on their strengths; confident in the knowledge that their IT systems will reliably support them and their colleagues in their business pursuits. This has been our focus for over ten years and we believe we’ve become quite good at it.

If you are serious about getting value from your current IT systems, or you’re looking for ways to keep your business ahead of the competition, you will be amazed at how Fible can help. Let’s talk results.

The Service

Fible user support is delivered by a dedicated team of Service Desk engineers, providing telephone and remote support via our industry acclaimed support tools. This team is augmented by a highly qualified team of Field Engineers who visit client sites as scheduled or as need be, depending upon the client’s needs.

“Our primary goal is not supporting technology, it is supporting people. Using technology to make their business lives easier and more productive.”
(Joseph, Fible Senior Technology Consultant)

Some clients opt for an All Inclusive contract, in which monthly fees are fixed. Others opt for Variable Rate agreements, where fees vary according to demand and usage. Overall, we aim to offer flexibility.

We tailor individual support agreements to suit individual clients and their organisational requirements.

Some want regular on-site visits included. Others do not. Some want our engineers to have remote access to user’s machines. Again, others may not need this facility.

All Fible engineers are trained to communicate effectively with individuals at all levels of technical understanding. And engineers also help to identify individuals who may need IT-related training that would improve their individual effectiveness and productivity.


bove all, we recognise that supporting people is as important as supporting technology. We believe passionately in the importance of quality people, delivering a human-to-human service:

  • All calls are answered by qualified Service Desk engineers. We do not employ “call-loggers” whose only job is to take a message
  • We resolve 75% of problems in 30 minutes or less
  • Our Client Management System puts critical client information at the fingertips of every engineer answering a call or dealing with a client problem
  • We have systems in place that ensure that the right engineer is allocated to the task in question
  • Our extranet offers clients proactive updates and real time tracking of live support issues
  • Engineers can be scheduled to the client’s convenience not the other way round
  • Clients are given the option to feedback personally on all interactions, and this feedback directly impacts on engineers’ monthly pay
  • We help to identify user training requirements for our clients, increasing productivity and helping to minimise on-going support costs
  • The Fible platform delivers comprehensive user-friendly reports for clients wishing to analyse their IT and support needs and our performance