Internet services


As nearly all communication travels digitally – e-mail, telephony, videoconferencing, etc. – companies all over the world are migrating from on-premise servers to cloud-services. So today, having faster, reliable and flexible connectivity is more important than ever before.

Customers need to be able to find your products and services, information and offers. This is especially true if you are marketing your website via online marketing campaigns or planning too.

From a small informational website to a fully integrated dynamic website, or custom designed ecommerce websites, our Internet technology consultant’s project manage the entire development cycle for your business.

Our creative designers are skilled in all aspects of website development and programming. We use the latest authoring tools available to developers and we pay close attention to Internet standards, security, and best practices of website development.

The Service

Fible Technologies helps you choose the right solution for your business – be it an internet connection, Voice-over-IP (SIP-Trunk), or a secure link between your offices (MPLS IP VPN).

Furthermore, to succeed online it takes a web team that understands your customers and marketing objectives. Most web firms / agencies have “b” or “c” team members managing your web initiative. Our skilled internet and web consultants have the creative, technical and business acumen to take your idea from concept to reality. They have at least 10 years of internet marketing experience, advanced academic credentials and a strong foundation in web application programming (, AJAX, SQL Server, etc.). This helps us deliver innovative web solutions that successfully service your customers while maximizing ROI.

Our Internet technology consultants know a great website with strategic business functionality is your sales representative and customer service agent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It advertises your business, your products and services.

Our Internet Services Include:

  • Connectivity Technologies – DSL (over copper), ADSL, VDSL, SDSL, SHDSL, Coax Cable, Fiber, Wireless (point-to-point, point-to-multipoint)
  • Web and Graphics design – branding, logos, banners, photography, Flash animations
  • Development – Rich Internet Applications, Content Management Systems (CMS), Digital Newsletters, Ecommerce Applications, Database Development, Flash Applications, Animation, Video Games, Sound Production, Motion Graphics

Our internet & web consultants, creative and development teams can handle all aspects to your necessities, from graphic design and animations, to database driven active server pages and e-commerce hosted solutions. We provide for our clients end-to-end, turn-key website design, development, hosting and internet connectivity solutions.


Tactical connectivity

As an independent advisor, we have extensive experience with both Greek and International service providers, so we can:

  • Define connectivity requirements – We take the time to fully understand your needs. We help you obtain and compare quotes and make sure you get the best deal.
  • Evaluate present and future bandwidth requirements – We find today’s best solution keeping in mind flexible upgrade paths. Several lines can be bundled to obtain higher bandwidths and redundancy. We will select the best technology for your, ranging from 1Mbit to 1Gbit.
  • Appraise and offer – cost-effective alternatives to locations with expensive fiber installations
  • Arrange ‘bursting billing’ based solutions – whenever providers offer on the 95th percentile utilisation. In this case, you pay for 10Mbit, but you are allowed to burst up to 100Mbit. This allows you to have a large amount of bandwidth available for expected (and unexpected) peaks.

Strategic design

  • Define Goals and Target Audience – How will your website be used? Will it be used to enhance your brand, sell products/services, improve customer relationships or all of the above. Once we define how your website will be used, we can develop a site that will effectively service your target audience.
  • Evaluate Online Competition – Through competitive analysis, we will determine your strengths and weaknesses vs. online competition. By assessing the competition, we can effectively identify any threats to your online business as well as any opportunities you might have overlooked.
  • Target Online Visuals – By defining online goals and performing the requisite competitive analysis, we will design “targeted visuals”. This means that the GUI (graphical user interface) is designed using navigation, interactivity, colours, typography, graphics, etc. that appeal to your target audience.

Core Development

  • Determine Application Platform – Based upon your technical requirements, we can build your web application to target a traditional web application environment, tailor it to fit mobile devices, or both.
  • Define Specifications & Program Application – Your technical specifications are then implemented and the application is scripted and integrated with back-end databases using the latest authoring tools available.


  • Launch Site – Here the QA function is carried out and any needed fixes or upgrades are prioritized. We also create a “handoff” packet that consists of any and all materials, scripts, styles, graphics and database info.
  • Search optimize – your site for Google, Yahoo, Bing and Open Directory to provide top rankings for relevant keywords.