Back-up and Business Recovery


To ensure that your business can deal with the unforeseen, it is crucial to ensure that key data is being properly managed and secured. Traditional solutions, involving tape or data mirroring across multiple sites are available from Fible, where appropriate.

But on-line backup provides a solution that is less time-consuming and easier to manage for most small and medium-sized businesses (further detail regarding Fible service is available separately).

Backing up critical data is a key component of any disaster recovery plan. In the event of a fire, a flood or some other unforeseen event, you’ll need to know – in advance – that you can still access up to date information as soon as possible.

The Fible team of advisers helps clients to plan comprehensively for such possibilities.

We review your network architecture, the applications you are running, and your user activity to ensure that plans are in place to replicate what is required to keep your business running, should the worst happen.

The Service

Whether constructing a day to day backup policy, a business continuity plan or a business wide disaster recovery plan, we first analyse your business ahead of delivering a bespoke technical solution.

Typically, we analyse business activities, infrastructure, applications, and the key user activities that keep the business trading. In addition, as we draw up recommendations, we’ll consider key commercial issues such as the criticality of any given activity, key compliance and regulatory issues and the overall cost of the required protection. In reality, few businesses can justify a plan which replicates every single aspect of their existing infrastructure.

So the skill in business recovery planning involves understanding the trade-off between the level of protection delivered and the absolute cost of the plan. Every client is different. Every industry is different.

Some, such as regulated fund-managers, need to ensure that they can regain their ability to carry on trading within strictly regulated timelines. Other businesses which have less stringent requirements can benefit from a mix of recovery solutions, delivered more cost effectively.

Put simply: our role is to help clients to arrive at an intelligent, commercial trade-off between protection levels and cost.


As we put together a data backup, disaster recover or business continuity solution, we call on a mixture of our experience. A flavour of our approach is captured in the list of high-level questions below:

  1. What is the nature of your data and systems?
  2. How are they accessed, by whom, when and how often? In a disaster scenario how would these answers differ?
  3. How quickly does your organisation need to recover operations? What is the RTO (Recovery Time Objective)?
  4. How recent is the data you need to recover? What is the RPO (Recovery Point Objective)?
  5. How would users actually work in a disaster scenario?

“Every customer’s requirements are different. We spend the time to understand their objectives and help their business to reach them.”
(Joseph, Fible Senior Technology Consultant)

Answering these apparently simple questions rigorously demands thorough investigation. And once we’ve recommended a solution, you can rely on us to test it to ensure resilience going forward.